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Anime di passaggio ” canzone di Cisco…………

ritorno alle radici 
anime in passaggio 
ritorno alle radici etc etc

As far as I know, emigration and integration are inextricably linked. Just do it, take the leap and first of all, don’t be afraid! A healthy dose of curiosity always takes you a little further. Immerse yourself in the life you deal with on a daily basis. Making contacts, occasionally trying to make you understand with hands and feet. Because there is no manual. I keep doing it. It is a kind of rhythm and every time something new comes my way. To some it seems meaningless, but to me it is so valuable.

“On Sunday the “Transumando” takes place with aperitif and pranzo”, Antonella informs me enthusiastically. “Like to join us?”.I got to know her by chance during a visit in Castelnuovo where she was explaining the Transumando trip to her friends in the bar where life keeps flowing slowly.  Her passion is nature and together with her colleague guide Alessandro Pedreschi from the company “Vis Movendi” she will gladly take you to get acquainted with the customs of this area.


Transumando, literally translated “to move”, means that the farmers move their cattle to the higher areas in the summer and return to the lower pastures at the end.

In our case, it’s about Federico’s flock of sheep and his four-legged friend. Federico drives his herd ahead of us during the long walk while we follow like tame lambs until we reach our destination. Over ancient mule trails, along wild fields, green meadows with the rugged peaks of the Alpi Apuane in the distance, we follow the sheep in a friendly atmosphere, chatting to our first resting point. Italian is the official language here and occasionally someone makes an attempt to make us feel even more comfortable by adding a single word of English. You feel at ease, this group makes an effort as we do to put our Italian into practice. Appreciation for each other. You don’t say it, you feel it.

And while we enjoy the local, homemade wine and cheese, the sheep feast on the tree leaves. Always close. Then on the road again with a fantastic “pranzo” at the end, organized by Silvia and her family from the dairy farm “La Valle Verde”. In a wonderful atmosphere in the middle of nature with the occasional bleating of a sheep in the background, we immerse ourselves as “newly fresh immigrants in “la dolce vita”.

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